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Instructor, cross-over

Logo IAHD cross-overFor Instructors from recognised dive organisations, who wish to become an IAHD Instructor there, are IAHD cross-over courses.

The IAHD cross-over course has been specifically developed to teach certified Dive Instructors, the knowledge, skills and give them the practical experience that is required to provide diver training and certification for people with physical and/or mental disabilities. A certified IAHD Instructor is also authorised to run the IAHD Partner course and, with IAHD approval, all IAHD speciality courses for which he or she is a certified Instructor with a recognised dive organisation.Because an IAHD Instructor is directly responsible for his or her trainees and assistants, the certification requirements for an IAHD Instructor have been set at a high level. The IAHD cross-over courses do not have a specific format or content, but are adapted based on the requirements of each individual candidate. The benefit of this approach is that the cross-over candidate does not need to devote time to subjects which he or she clearly already has a good working knowledge, but can focus on the additional information that is specifically relevant for certification as an IAHD Instructor.

The information provided in an IAHD Cross-over course can include:
- The IAHD Standards and Procedures;
- The ISO standards;
- The IAHD courses and course organograms;
- The IAHD Digital Learning System (D-Learning);
- Theory and Practical presentations utilising a modular didactic approach, adapted to the specific capabilities of the mental or physical disabilities of each trainee;
- The IAHD Dive Planner;
- The IAHD (Dive) Skills;
- The IAHD Members Login System;
- The IAHD Instructor Login System.

• Above the age of majority in the country where the course is held;
• Competent swimmer;
• Approved Medical Certificate (no older than one year);
• Signed Certificate of Understanding;
• Signed IAHD License Agreement;
• At least 120 logged dives (excluding training dives);
• Certified and Active Status Instructor with a recognised organisation;
• Certified Underwater Navigator with a recognised organisation;
• Certified Night Diver with a recognised organisation;
• Certified (Multi-level) Deep Diver with a recognised organisation;
• Certified Equipment Specialist with a recognised organisation;
• Certified Rescue Diver with a recognised organisation;
• Certified First Aid and Reanimation Provider with a recognised organisation;
• Certified Oxygen Provider' with a recognised organisation.

* Because the IAHD course have been developed in accordance with the ISO standards and guidelines, a cross-over Instructor candidate may be required to gain additional certifications in order to become a fully certified IAHD Instructor at all levels.

Authorised to:
The activities for which an IAHD Instructor is authorised, depends on their entry level and match the permitted activities for their specific Instructor certifications. Refer to the details of each specific IAHD Instructor course for an overview.

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