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Experience of a person with a spinal cord injury

Op woensdag, 06 juni 2018.

Dear friends of IAHD.

AnabellaMy name is Anabella Mazzini. I'm from Argentina and I have a spinal cord injury because of a car accident in 2006. I would like to tell you part of my story.

When I was 22 I used to go everywhere around the country. At that age, I went with an ex boyfriend to the North. During the trip we wanted to make ski. In a narrow route with nothing more than mountains, he lose control of the car and it started falling in the Mountain like 600 feet. After three tumbles, I broke my fifth and sixth cervical vertebs. After that I came by sanitary plane to the capital, two months in a coma, one year of rehab, and I started to restore myself again.

AnabellaIt has been 13 years since that day. I made many, many things during this time. I studied, I'd change my values, I work on the radio, I always liked to swim, it was a long trip to refind myself.

But recently I found a new love, a truly and endless love; and I want you to know that Im thankful to find people like Daniel Zuber and his team, who make me live the best experience underwater. Diving is my new love, and he was very patient and he explained me about the equipment, the techniques, breathing, movements, and every detail, being punctually pointing to enjoy that moment, and things didn't change in the surface.

AnabellaI'm very happy to be able to celebrate this newborn, twice this month, through the knowledge of such amazing representantive, Daniel.

Im very pleased to know diving is now an inclusive activity and an instrument of social integration. I never imagine how important diving was going to be for me and other people with diversities. You should see how happy we are joining it and we are always expecting for others to know and discover the underwater magic!

Kind Regards,

Anabella Mazzini
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