Saad Bin Mohammed Bin Said AL-Saadi
Minister of Sport Affairs Oman

In this occasion, I would like to congregate all of those involved in bringing a sea change in the lives of the disabled in Oman.

I really would like to commend the efforts of the International Association for the Handicapped Divers (IAHD) in Oman and everyone involved in bringing about happiness and joy in the lives of the disabled. It’s not an easy task and that’s why the Ministry appreciate the successful efforts by the IAHD in introducing the disabled into a total new and unexplored world, which is going to give them immense relief, joy and open up a whole new experience towards a hopeful future.

While I commend the efforts of the IAHD, I would also exhort the public at large to promote and support such selfless initiatives. If all of us unite for the betterment of the disabled in Oman, we will see greater changes in them and will definitely help improve their well-being.

The glow and happiness on the face of the disabled divers who have undertaken dive course and explored diving are indeed a joyful sight and lightens our heart too.

Once again, congratulations and all the best in your endeavors.