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Dive Partner

Logo IAHD DPThe IAHD Dive Partner course is an advanced course specifically developed to train certified (Rescue) divers to supervise divers with physical or mental disabilities.

The IAHD “Dive Partner” course is comprised of the following modules:

Foto I_DPTheory Knowledge:
In this module you learn about the various types of disabilities and the related physiological effects. You also learn how to signal for instance to a blind diver. Various aids and medical-related situations are also covered.

Practical Skills:
In this module, during several dives, you learn how to enter and exit the water and what the correct procedures are for diving with a disabled diver. You also learn more about dive planning and emergency procedures.

• Minimum 16 years of age;
• DAN Basic Life Support Provider or equivalent;
• DAN Oxygen Provider or equivalent;
• Certified Rescue Diver (with a recognised organisation);
• At least 40 logged dives (excluding training dives);
• Medical Statement approved by a physician (no more than one year old);
• Signed Certificate of Understanding.

Authorised to:
• Assist divers with a physical or mental disability at the waters edge;
• Assemble and de-assemble scuba sets for divers with a physical or mental disability;
• Dive with divers with a physical or mental disability.

With over 25 years experience in recreational diving you've come to the right place for the complete diving experience.

Anyone can learn scuba diving with us. Young or old, able-bodied or with physical or mental disabilities, you are welcome.

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