Logo IAHD WRECKL1A shipwreck is often a part of history telling a story about events of the past. Nearly all divers dream of diving on wrecks. By their very nature however, wrecks can be unpredictable. A wreck diver must take extreme care to avoid sharp edges and decaying parts.

It is therefore very important that you always thoroughly explore a wreck externally and evaluate its condition prior to penetrating it. This helps prevent injuries and accidents such as cuts and abrasions, losing your way in the wreck (with a possibility of running out of air), getting stuck, etc. and will help make the wreck dive successful and exiting adventure.

The IAHD course “Wreck Diver, Level 1”, is comprised of the following sections:

Foto IAHD WRECKL1Theoretical knowledge:
In this section of the course, you will learn the techniques used for the external observation and exploration of a wreck, how to lay lines for navigation purposes in a wreck and how to penetrate a wreck, including the guidelines for diving in an ‘overhead environment’, while maintaining sight of daylight at all times.

Practical Skills:
In this part of the course, you will dive in an open water location, under the guidance of an IAHD Instructor, and put the skills that you learnt in the theory section, into practice. You will use various techniques that are essential for a safe wreck dive.

• Certified IAHD ‘Autonomous Diver’ (Level 2) or equivalent;
• Certified DAN ‘Basic Life Support Provider' or equivalent;
• Certified DAN ‘Oxygen Provider' or equivalent;
• Certified IAHD ‘Rescue Diver’ or equivalent;
• Minimum 16 years of age;
• Competent swimmer;
• Medical Statement approved by a physician (no more than one year old);
• Signed Certificate of Understanding.

Authorised to:
• Dive to, penetrate and explore a wreck, while maintain maintaining sight of daylight at all times.

Dive & Training centres: