Logo IAHD EANL2In order to extend the permitted duration of a dive, the ratios of the separate gasses in the breathing gas needs to be changed. During the Enriched Air Diver Level 1 course, you have already learnt how you can extend the dive time by increasing the oxygen content in your air mixture to a maximum of 40%.
The percentage oxygen in your breathing gas can actually be increased to 100% (pure oxygen). However, when using air mixtures that exceed 40% oxygen content, additional standards and safety procedures must be adhered. Certain items of diving equipment must also be adapted so that they can be used safely with higher oxygen levels.

The IAHD course “Enriched Air Diver Level 2” is comprised of the following sections:

Theoretical knowledge:
In this second level course, pure oxygen (100% oxygen) will be used, so it is necessary to learn about some additional safety provisions. We will also go into more detail on calculating saturation levels for the varying gas mixtures that we will use when diving.

Practical Skills:
In this part of the course, you will dive in an open water location, under the guidance of an IAHD Instructor, to learn various advanced dive skills, such as diving in ‘stages’.

• Certified IAHD ‘Enriched Air Diver Level 1' (EANL1) or equivalent;
• Minimum 10 logged EANL1 dives (excluding trainings dives);
• Minimum 16 years of age;
• Competent swimmer;
• Medical Statement approved by a physician (no more than one year old);
• Signed Certificate of Understanding.

Authorised to:
• Conduct non-decompression dives using enriched air nitrox to the maximum of 100%;
• Dive together with another 'Enriched Air Nitrox Diver Level 2' or higher, as long as one of the divers has reached the age of majority that applies in the country where the dive is conducted.

Dive & Training centres: