Logo IAHD NIGHTThe setting sun does not have to mean that the possibilities for diving are over for the day. Although many divers believe that at night, just like on land, there is not much to see, in fact, the opposite is true. In many locations, the underwater life is much more active at night time than during the daylight hours. Under the cover of the night, many creatures, including Moray Eels and Lobsters to name but a few, go in search of prey. In addition, you are likely to notice a lot more details at night, because you will focus on what you see in the beam of your dive lamp torch. When diving at a dive site where you thought that you had seen everything, you will have a new and interesting experience.

In the IAHD 'Night Diver' specialty course, you will learn the techniques required to enable you to enjoy diving long after the sun has set, in a safe and easy manner, with the use of an appropriate dive torch, as well as the techniques required for diving in reduced visibility. Upon successful completion of the course, you will become a certified IAHD Night Diver.’

The IAHD 'Night Diver' course is comprised of the following modules:

Foto IAHD NIGHTTheoretical Knowledge:
In this section, the trainee will learn what changes occur underwater at night and how the various underwater life forms react. The selection, use and maintenance of dive torches will also be covered.

Practical skills:
In this section the trainee will, together with a IAHD Instructor, dive in an open water environment, applying the knowledge and various techniques that were gained in the theory part of the course.

• Certified IAHD 'Supervised Diver' (Diver Level 1) or equivalent;
• Minimum 12 years of age;
• Competent swimmer;
• Medical Statement approved by a physician;
• Signed Statement of Understanding.

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