Logo IAHD EQUIP_IDuring the IAHD specialty instructor training 'Equipment Specialist Instructor' you will learn how to prepare and conduct an IAHD equipment specialist course. After successful completion of this specialty instructor training you receive the IAHD 'Equipment Instructor' certificate.

The IAHD "Equipment Specialist Instructor" course consists of the following sections:

Foto IAHD EQUIPTheoretical Knowledge:
In this part you will learn how to teach a student the knowledge and skills of the IAHD specialty course 'Equipment Specialist'. In addition, you will learn what hazards and details you should keep an eye on when conducting this course. Also all administrative acts are covered.

Practical Skills:
In this part you teach, under the guidance of an IAHD Instructor Trainer, an equipment specialty as candidate instructor where you have some assignments to conduct correctly.

• Certified as an IAHD 'Equipment Specialist' or equivalent;
• Be an IAHD instructor in active status;
• Medical Statement approved by a physician (no more than one year old).

Authorized to:
• Independently prepare and conduct an IAHD 'Equipment Specialist' specialty course.

Training centres: