By definition, IAHD Instructors and centres work with people who are possibly unable to defend or protect themselves. For this reason IAHD has developed an extensive ‘Quality Management Program’. The program has been developed in such a way that in addition to protecting the trainee, the IAHD Instructors and IAHD Centres can also be ‘rewarded’ for their exceptional achievements.

In order to ensure compliance with the IAHD Quality Management Program, IAHD has implemented detailed control procedures:

Internal Controls:
Internal controls are carried out by IAHD itself. An official IAHD representative can visit at any IAHD course, to ensure compliance with the regulations. In addition, IAHD engages ‘Ghost clients’. These are registered trainees that are approached by IAHD with a request to complete a course evaluation during every section of the course and send to IAHD on completion of a specific course.

External Controls:
IAHD also audits externally using feedback from IAHD trainees and divers. On completion of an IAHD course, a trainee receives an email from IAHD requesting them to complete an online evaluation regarding the course. The evaluation is comprised of specific questions which enable IAHD to determine if the IAHD Instructor has met the requirements appropriate for the course.

Voluntary Feedback:
Of course, every IAHD diver can report their experiences. If you have had a negative experience at an IAHD centre or with an IAHD Instructor, please let us know so that we can investigate and take the necessary action to prevent a repeat incident. To make it easy to report such an incident, you can use the contact form of the IAHD Training Department.

But of course, we also appreciate positive feedback! IAHD rewards IAHD professionals and IAHD Centres for safety initiatives, excellence in customer service and professionalism in the running of their courses and other operations. Also a Positive Experience can be reported by using the contact form of the IAHD Training Department.

Unfortunately, in exceptional circumstances, IAHD may have to expel a dive centre or Instructor. Such decisions are not taken lightly, but in some cases we must take action. First, we review the facts and get the opinions of all involved parties. If possible, those who are considered at fault are offered advice or supplementary training. If the Instructor or centre refuses to comply or if the customer or the name of IAHD is considered to be at risk, then IAHD will be forces to expel the Instructor or centre. An expelled Instructor or centre is listed here.