Without publicity many people would not benefit from all the hard work that we put into IAHD as an international diving organisation and all the fantastic work that IAHD Instructor around the world. This is why it is important to have IAHD ambassadors who can put in a good word for the organisation in important places, such as with the authorities and the media.

The well known people listed below dedicate time, for no own benefit, to promote the IAHD and to encourage the disabled to dive.


Mrs. Erica Terpstra
• Former Chairperson of the Dutch Olympic Committee;
• Olympic swimming finalist 1964.
Erica Terpstra
Prof. mr. Pieter van Vollenhoven
• Former Chairman of the Dutch Safety Board;
• Husband of H.R.H. Princess Margriet of The Netherlands.
Pieter van Vollenhoven
Dhr. Dick Rutkowski
• Founder IAND/IANTD;
• Founder NOAA Diving.
Dick Rutkowski
Dhr. William (Bill) Todd
• Project manager NASA Extreme Environment Mission Operations;
• Project Leader Spaceflight Training.
Bill Todd
Prof. Dr. Alessandro Marroni
• Founder & President DAN Europe.
Alessandro Marroni
Dhr. Bob Evans
• Founder & President of Force Fin.
Bob Evans